• Basic Services

  • All you need to know about your new life in Madrid

    • Where to live? Do you know Madrid?.
    • Registration with the Madrid Town Hall.
    • Application for a residency permit or stay.
    • Social Security registration for workers.
    • Registration in the Taxpayers’ Tax Register (Agencia Tributaria Española).
    • Setting up a bank account.
    • Private medical cover (Health Plans).
    • General advice on legal and tax matters.


  • Additional Services

  • People and pets relocation services

    • Temporary and permanent rental accommodation.
    • Hiring international and domestic removal companies.
    • Home insurance.
    • Life insurance.
    • Travel insurance.
    • Funeral expenses insurance.
    • Travel arrangements for pets.
    • Pet insurance.

    Financial and saving services

    • Pension schemes.
    • Savings schemes for tax purposes.
    • Investment funds.

    Mobility-related services

    • Buying or renting a car.
    • Exchange of driving licenses.
    • Vehicle insurance.



  • Advanced Services

  • For business activities

    • Setting up a business and business advice to entrepreneurs.
    • Credit requests and financial facilities.
    • Business plans development.
    • Data analysis and market research.
    • Searching services for renting an office space or retail spaces.
    • Direct and indirect purchases outsourcing.
    • Office furniture and computer equipment rentals.
    • Foreign trade consulting.
    • Providing advice on international trade.
    • Providing advice on international recruitment.
    • Recruitment of personnel.
    • Fiscal, labor and account management for companies and freelancers.

    Personal services

    • Successions and inheritances.
    • Applying for the Spanish citizenship.
    • Providing advice on real estate purchase.
    • Interior design of houses, either rented or purchased.



  • Educational Services

  • For your own educational development or for your loved ones

    • Validation or recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications.
    • Application to study at private or public educational centres.
    • Spanish courses specially designed for foreigners.


  • Other Services

  • We adapt to your needs

    • Direct and reverse translation and interpretation (from English to Spanish and vice versa).
    • Legalization of documents.
    • Exequator procedure of foreign judgments in Spain.
    • Bilingual personal attention in specific personal matters.
    • Bilingual telephone attention.


To live in Madrid

If you are planning to move to Madrid, please contact us and we will send you a tailor-made quotation. We will provide you with the necessary expertise for a perfect start.

Servicios Madrid - Services in Madrid