Useful Websites for Expats

Useful Websites with tons of information for expats in Madrid


Here you will find a list of practical and useful websites for expats in Madrid. Emergency telephone number, public transport, embassies, Health website, municipal parking and much more. Because in newtoMadrid we want to make your life easier and help you in a practical manner. If you have any doubts or miss any information, please contact us so we can help you or improve and increase the information we share in our social networks. We hope this information really helps !


Emergency Telephone: 112

We hope you never have to call this phone number, but if you come to live to Spain you should know, that as in many other countries, it´s the number for all types of emergencies.

Phone number 112 is the unique emergency number for any type of emergency: health (ambulance), firefighters, police, national guards, etc. Even if your mobile phone keyboad is blocked, it is possible to call 112. You can also call 112 without entering your PIN number and even without a SIM card in the phone; just turn on your mobile and call 112 and as long as their is GSM coverage the call will get thru.


Public tranport in Madrid

This is the website of Madrid´s transport consortium. In it, you will find practical information about the Comunidad de Madrid ´s public transport: underground, commuter trains, urban and intercity buses. You can download maps of the underground, urban and intercity bus routes, ticket fares and apps.



If you like to ride bikes, you can move around Madrid on electrical bikes. There are stations (called “totems”) all over the city and it´s a very efficient and ecological way of moving around the city or going sightseeing. In their web you will find all you need to know how to register and obtain a card for using the bikes. Of course, if you do so, it´s essential to have Bicimad´s app in your mobile to get to know where all the totems are, availables bikes and parking space.


Regulated Parking Space Service (SER) How does it work?

In Madrid parking in the streets is divided by zones and has regulations set by the SER. In this link you can find how it works, rates, types of parking spaces and maps that show the defined areas by neighbourhood.


Municipal parking for cars

This link takes you directly to the maps where you can find the municipal parking lots in each district of Madrid. It easy to download. Of course, Madrid has plenty of private parking lots around the city. But, here you will find the municipal ones.


Comunidad de Madrid Health´s Website

Here you will find all you need to know about health centers, how to obtain your heath card (tarjeta sanitaria) or ask for an appointment with a doctor,nurse. You will also find news, apps and have access to your medical records. Remember that to obtain your health card, you must be registered (empadronado) in the Comunidad de Madrid.


Townhall tourist information centers

On this website you will find where these centers are located in Madrid and will also be available city maps, tips, and very practical information


Embassies and Consulates of all over the world in Madrid

Although, you probably already know the location of the embassy of your country before coming to Madrid, here you will find the whole list by continents.


English Speaking People in Madrid

It’s a Facebook group. The place for all English Speaking People living, working and LOVING Madrid! Over 10,000 Members and over 230 Recommendations. We love it!


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