If you are thinking of returning to Madrid, this may interest you

If you are thinking of returning to Madrid after some time away, it is important that you take into account some procedures that you will have to carry out before returning and some other questions to undertake once you arrive.

Before coming back

Cancellation of consular registration:

As you may know, you had to register in the Consular Register in your place of residence outside Spain. This registration also implies the registration of those persons of legal age in the CERA, which is the census of the Spaniards who live abroad, which allowed you –among other benefits- to participate in the elections that are held in Spain.


Well, now it’s time to cancel your registration with the Consular Register.


Legalize all necessary documentation:

Remember that to settle in Spain you will need to bring all the documentation related to your life abroad, for example, studies you have carried out, economic contributions or just your work activity. It is really important that before you come back home you make sure you have all the documentation legalized so that it has legal value in Spain



This documentation is legalized in the consular offices or, as the case may be, when the country has signed the Hague Convention, the documentation must be brought apostilled.


On arrival:

Many of you are lucky enough to have a place to live the first weeks, but many others are not. We can find you temporary housing and then a definitive home.


Just like abroad you have to register at the Spanish Consulate in the city where you lived, here you must register on the census of the municipality where you settle.


With the new beginning of your life in Madrid you must make arrangements for renewal of your ID card in order to reflect your new address.

Another procedure you will need to perform is obtaining the affiliation in the Social Security as well as to process your health card.


As a citizen with Spanish nationality and resident in Spanish territory you have the right to healthcare, if you do not have a private health insurance you can obtain free healthcare.


Those who return to Spain to take up a job will be registered by their company in the Social security system.



To process everything related to the bank accounts and your work activity during your stay abroad.


Emigrants returning to Spain and holders of foreign bank accounts, term savings, or securities accounts denominated in any currency, including the euro, may continue to have them without any restriction, and the charges and payments will be free between residents and non-residents through payments and debts in those accounts. If these accounts are kept open, they must be declared to the Spanish Exchequer as foreign assets.


As for your work activity abroad, you will have to produce documents that demonstrate what you have done abroad, from your last departure from Spain, whether it is an employed or self employed activity.


Renew your driver’s license or make the exchange according to your case.


Buying a car or hiring a rental service, whatever suits you best, in NewtoMadrid we look for the most advantageous conditions.


Regaining your nationality. When living outside the country you may have lost the Spanish nationality, in this case we can help you to regain it.



To process the Certificate of returning migrant that recognizes the circumstance of being a Spanish citizen who has emigrated to work and who has returned definitively to Spain, after having worked abroad. The status of returning migrant only applies if you return to reside permanently in Spain, and not if you return for holidays or as a visitor. The mere fact of having resided once again does not give you the status of returning migrant, only if you have this certificate stating it.


At newtoMadrid we can help you to get back home as easy as possible, this way you only have to devote your time to what is really important, partying with friends, hug the family you have not seen for a long time, and we will take care of the rest.