• Welcome Pack

  • All you need to know about your new life in Madrid

    • Where to live? Do you know Madrid?.
    • Registration with the Madrid Town Hall.
    • Application for a residency permit or stay.
    • Social Security registration for workers.
    • Registration in the Taxpayers’ Tax Register (Agencia Tributaria Española).
    • Setting up a bank account.
    • Private medical cover (Health Plans).
    • General advice on legal and tax matters.


  • Additional Services

  • People and pets relocation services

    • Temporary and permanent rental accommodation.
    • Hiring international and domestic removal companies.
    • Home insurance.
    • Life insurance.
    • Travel insurance.
    • Funeral expenses insurance.
    • Travel arrangements for pets.
    • Pet insurance.

    Financial and saving services

    • Pension schemes.
    • Savings schemes for tax purposes.
    • Investment funds.

    Mobility-related services

    • Buying or renting a car.
    • Exchange of driving licenses.
    • Vehicle insurance.



  • Advanced Services

  • For business activities

    • Setting up a business and business advice to entrepreneurs.
    • Credit requests and financial facilities.
    • Business plans development.
    • Data analysis and market research.
    • Searching services for renting an office space or retail spaces.
    • Direct and indirect purchases outsourcing.
    • Office furniture and computer equipment rentals.
    • Foreign trade consulting.
    • Providing advice on international trade.
    • Providing advice on international recruitment.
    • Recruitment of personnel.
    • Fiscal, labor and account management for companies and freelancers.

    Personal services

    • Successions and inheritances.
    • Applying for the Spanish citizenship.
    • Providing advice on real estate purchase.
    • Interior design of houses, either rented or purchased.



  • Educational Services

  • For your own educational development or for your loved ones

    • Validation or recognition of foreign degrees and qualifications.
    • Application to study at private or public educational centres.
    • Spanish courses specially designed for foreigners.


  • Other Services

  • We adapt to your needs

    • Direct and reverse translation and interpretation (from English to Spanish and vice versa).
    • Legalization of documents.
    • Exequator procedure of foreign judgments in Spain.
    • Bilingual personal attention in specific personal matters.
    • Bilingual telephone attention.


Services for returning citizens.

If you have lived abroad Spain and need to relocate, we ease your arrival.

If you are thinking of returning to Madrid, this may interest you

Declaration of assets and incomes received from third countries.

Every foreigner resident in Spain is obliged to make this declaration. We help you to do it Our tax experts will help you in the preparation and presentation.

Process workers´pension for time working abroad.

We initiate the request of the pension and process the file until the resolution of the official entity.


Services of translation when needed.

To live in Madrid

If you are planning to move to Madrid, please contact us and we will send you a tailor-made quotation. We will provide you with the necessary expertise for a perfect start.

Servicios Madrid - Services in Madrid