BREXIT. Spanish citizenship for British

BREXIT. Spanish citizenship for British

BREXIT: spanish citizenship for British


If you are British with more than ten years of uninterrupted legal residence in Spain, prior to the petition, you can request Spanish Citizenship by residence.


For this, you must demonstrate, among other documents and issues, your Degree of integration in Spain, it will be suffice to prove the knowledge of the Spanish language known as DELE Level A2 or higher; and pass a test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain, known as CCSE.

On the other hand, the New Spanish Citizenship by Residence procedure does NOT require the need to provide economic means, that is, employment contract, payroll, registration as self-employed, etc.

If you are interested in obtaining the Spanish Citizenship, do not hesitate to contact us, we have more than thirty years of experience in Inmigration Law.