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Where to live? Do you know Madrid?

If you haven’t decided yet in which area of the city you should live, we can help you to choose, with useful and updated information, in which we will look in depth your specific needs and interests. Through our real estate collaborators, we will offer you a wide range of houses to live in and around Madrid, taking into account the preferences and characteristics you have previously provided us with. The arrangements of every legal
issue will be provided by our experts in the matter.

Registration on the padrón

At the Town Hall of Madrid, depending on the area where your house is located. Every person who resides legally in Spain must have an address for residence and stay purposes. We help you through the entire registration process.

Application for a residency permit or stay

For obtaining the legal status required to live in Spain. Every person who intends to live or stay in Spain, for more than 90 days, must have a valid document issued by the Ministerio del Interior. Whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, we carry out the procedure to obtain the residence permits or stays, in its different scenarios:

  1. Residence permit for EU citizens and family members.
  2. Residence permit or stay for non-EU citizens.
  • Residence and work permit for workers in Spain (employed workers).
  • Residence and work permit for entrepreneurs and/or investors (self-employed).
  • Residence permit for investment purposes.
  • Residence and work permit for research purposes.
  • Residence permit for family reunification purposes.
  • Stays for study purposes.

Social Security affiliation for workers

This procedure is absolutely necessary for employees and self-employed workers. We undertake the affiliation process in all cases.

Registration in the Taxpayers’ Tax Register (Agencia Tributaria Española)

Any natural person, considered a taxpayer in Spain, should be registered in the Spanish Tax Register. We handle it for you.

Setting up a bank account

We facilitate and handle the setting up of a bank account for residents and non residents, quickly and safely for you.

Private medical cover (Health Plans)

We offer you a wide range of different products in order you can choose the one which best fits your needs. We will handle all the documents required for the contract.

Tax and legal advice

From the moment you arrive to Spain, you may have concerns about tax and legal issues. In order to clear any doubt it may arise, you will have a qualified team that will guide you at all times. To be kept informed is vital to living peacefully.