Advanced Services

For business activities

  • Setting up a business and business advice to entrepreneurs. We help you to legalize your business project. We carry out all the necessary steps for the setting up and registration process in economic activities, so you can devote all your time to your business activity.
  • Credit requests and financial facilities so you can start up your business project. We will provide you with updated information about the loans you may obtain, with our guidance and processing.
  • Business plans development. We will develop the business plan required in every specific case, according to the loans and procedures you would like to get, with an on-going focus on reaching the goal of every specific business plan.
  • Data analysis and market research. We will make a thorough study of your business potential, examining the market factors to help you to succeed.
  • Searching services for renting an office space or retail spaces. We search the best office or retail spaces for your business.
  • Direct and indirect purchases outsourcing. We make all the purchases for you or the service management that your company needs. We help you to identify markets.
  • Office furniture and computer equipment rentals. We manage your rental under the best conditions.
  • Recruitment of personnel. If you need staff for developing your business, we seek out the best candidates. Staff recruited in Spain, through temporary agencies. Anything you need, at any given time. / at your fingertips
  • Foreign trade consulting. If your business plan is oriented towards the import of products to Spain or to any other country within the European Union, we offer you whole support to develop your business successfully. Our advisers will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the choice of target markets, to the definition of the more convenient logistic and business strategy.
  • Providing advice on international trade. In such a globalized world, sometimes it is necessary to hire international companies. We offer you highly qualified advice so you can reach the most advantageous terms.
  • Fiscal, labor and account management for companies and freelancers. We can handle for you all you need at a business level, for your company’s daily life.

Personal services

  • Successions and inheritances. We take care of all the legal and tax proceedings caused by the death of a person. You can rely on our full support in the most difficult moments.
  • Applying for the Spanish citizenship. If you have had a proven and continuous residence in Spain and you meet all the requirements, we process the application for the Spanish citizenship.
  • Providing advice on real estate purchase. If you want to buy a house, a retail space or land, you can rely on our expertise when making choices, during the purchase process, and the financing and legal execution procedure for the success of the purchase.
  • Interior design of houses, either rented or purchased. Our designers will work to make your dream come true. A fully equipped house so you can live in it or let it as an investment.