Additional Services

People and pets relocation services

  • Temporary and permanent rental accommodation. You will be offered ongoing legal advise on the negotiation of the more convenient terms and conditions. We will find you a house based on the search criteria provided.
  • Hiring international and domestic removal companies. We will help you with the hiring of the moving service that best suits your needs, with all the service guarantees.
  • Home insurance, so all your personal property is always protected. All the necessary documentation will be handled by us with leading insurance companies.
  • Life insurance. We know how important it is for our family to be covered in the event of decease, that helps them to carry on. Therefore, we will make it easier for you. We will offer you the market-leading insurance services.
  • Travel insurance. We will personally take care of always finding the best coverage.
  • Funeral expenses insurance. The most recommended insurance coverage in your most difficult moments, in order to solve all the legal issues after death, as well as death benefit for family members.
  • Documentation processing for pets. All the necessary arrangements for your pet to live in Spain and travel from Spain to other countries.
  • Pet insurance to cover civil liability and veterinary care.

Financial and saving services

We will seek for you, the best products and we will handle all the required documentation, always under the best conditions.

  • Pension schemes so you can prepare for your old age with peace of mind.
  • Savings schemes for tax purposes. In order to help you contract products that will guarantee you to maximize your savings with tax benefits.
  • Investment plans to get more value for your money

Mobility-related services

  • Buying or renting a car. We will accompany you during the whole process, giving priority to your buying criteria or specific needs. We will look through all the financial, commercial and legal aspects, for your peace of mind.
  • Change of driving licenses in those cases where the Spanish Government has agreed the exchange with the country of origin. We take care of the process for you.
  • Vehicle insurance. We seek for you the best products and we take care of all the necessary documentation, under the best possible conditions.